With the return of summer, the roads are full of pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles…and let’s not forget about cars, trucks and all kinds of other vehicles, too. To make everyone’s life easier, let’s take a look at some best practices with information taken from the La Capitale blog.

It’s no secret, sharing the road can be challenging at times, but safety should always be the top priority!

In cars or recreational vehicles

Drivers need to be extra cautious during the summer due to increased road traffic. In addition to respecting the Highway Safety Code and holding auto insurance, they must be wary of dooring: this is the dangerous collision between a cyclist and a car door that is opened too quickly and carelessly.

Motorhome drivers or those towing a trailer or tent trailer have to deal with other types of constraints: the weight, length and width of the RV being towed require more caution. They must, for example, flash their signal to turn or change lanes much earlier. As for those who meet them on the roads, they should not cut them off to give RV drivers enough time to react.

On bikes or motorcycles

Cyclists have to comply with the same road safety rules as drivers. They must, however, travel on the far right side of the road and signal their intentions with the appropriate signs.

Despite wearing helmets, cyclists are not well protected and are often vulnerable. To prevent collisions and falls, they must watch out for the following risks:

• Doors of vehicles parked on the side of the road
• Buses or any other vehicles that stop frequently
• Private and commercial driveways
• Vehicles turning right at a red light

Keeping their bikes well-maintained helps with safety: being visible, whether it’s day or night!

Just like cyclists, motorcyclists must ensure they are visible at all times. Most accidents involving a motorcycle and a car are due to speeding, but very often, the driver of the car doesn’t notice the motorcycle before the collision.


If you suddenly come up on orange cones when you’re driving, try to remain calm and follow the instructions: recklessness, particularly speeding, are a risk to construction workers’ lives.

If you want to avoid delays caused by construction and detours, you can plan your trips: consult the Québec 511 website or dial 511 for service by telephone.

Good habits to keep or adopt

This summer, we can all play a part in making our roads safer:

• Abide by the Highway Safety Code
• Avoid distractions of any kind
• Remain calm, be courteous and tolerant

Enjoy sharing the road and stay safe!

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